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July 30, 2015


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Celexa is one of the worst. The worst ones are Celexa, Cymbalta, and Effexor. Zoloft turns many people into demons as well. You won’t likely be a demon on Effexor, as long as you keep taking it. But just try quitting Effexor. Just try!

My guess? I hate to bring bad news, but when she stopped taking them the first time, it was a while ago and she was not totally destroyed yet. The second time around probably wiped her out. Many antidepressants totally destroy empathy, which is why she does not care if you are sad. The damage is usually permanent. This would be one to keep an eye on, if she comes around and is OK in a month or so, I would really be surprised. Chances are it is over, and that the drugs did what they were designed to do – permanently split and destroy families.

Not all are created equal however, and the dose really matters a lot. 10 mg of zoloft will cause huge mood swings, flakiness and an inability to stay grounded in most people. But if they stop, even after years on 10 mg they often are fine. But if they are slammed with a large dose, zoloft is a total destroyer. So is Effexor, Cymbalta, Celexa. These are the top ones that destroy empathy. Or a small correction – Effexor puts people in a state where they pretty much go along with anything, but if they try to go off, WATCH OUT, and expect failure, Effexor will own you, PERIOD. It won’t matter if you lack empathy if you will go along with everything anyway.

This information is from a very long period of studying antidepressants, and talking to many many many people I did not know at random in public, when I asked them about antidepressants in their families and what happened. It is accurate info.



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