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October 8, 2015


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Note to self. Watch The Principle. It has been hidden well. Can you say Streisand effect? DVD release in late November?

Cool. Will we get true 360 video, showing we live on a flat earth under a firmament? Or will we get some cool computer graphics showing the missing satellites and space as one would imagine.

Experience the world’s first virtual reality footage taken in space! See the earth pass underneath you and get the same view the astronauts do from the International Space Station!

Once you go flat there is no going back.

  1. The Earth doesn’t have centrifugal force. Gravity is the same all over the Earth because the Earth doesn’t move. If it did, the centrifugal force would make objects weigh TWICE less on Equator than for example in Vancouver, Canada.
  2. Doing the same experiment with a SOUND WAVE fortunately can check this. Doppler’s effect would apply.
  3. Michelson-Morley experiment doesn’t indicate that the light travels with the same speed independent of Earth’s motion. It indicates that the Earth is stationary.
  4. Microwave radiation is 2.7 all over the Earth because the Earth doesn’t move.
  5. Weight of objects would be affected depending on which side of the Earth they would be. The “density distribution” theory wouldn’t help, because it would have to change non-stop as the Earth rotates. If the weight of objects is not changing with the location on Earth, then the centrifugal force couldn’t possibly make the Earth bulge at the equator. That proves Newton wrong.
  6. The Earth doesn’t have its “density” distributed so exactly as to ideally match the centrifugal force. Such argument is self-serving, arbitrary and logically invalid because there is no evidence to measure it and therefore to support it.
    ( Note Earth’s “density” for which there is no evidence other than that it “has to be this way” ).
  7. The shapes of “constellations” don’t change over thousands of years.
  8. Earth is the only planet with millions of life forms. The Bible mentions only life on Earth.
  9. Only humans are capable of having a “point of view”, therefore it’s OUR point of view that matters as CENTRAL.
  10. Copernicus didn’t provide evidence to support his theory.
  11. Contrary to Copernicus, it’s not mathematically possible to “calculate” if the Earth is revolving around the Sun.
  12. Newton’s thought experiment with a bucket of water, indicates that the Earth is not revolving. ( The water should sway if the Earth was revolving ). That’s a classic example of lack of centrifugal force of supposedly rotating Earth.
    Now we know that the Earth is not flattened on the top and bottom. If that was true, objects would weigh differently.
  13. On time-delayed pictures of stars, the Polaris star almost doesn’t move. The only way it can work is if both the Earth and Polaris don’t move. The Earth is therefore the centre of the universe and Polaris is its end.
  14. The circular movement of stars on time-delayed pictures cannot be created by Earth’s rotation. If the Earth revolved the paths of stars would be horizontal not circular.
  15. Satellites go around the Earth because the space around revolves, thus acting on satellites. You can even put a can of Coca Cola and make it a satellite.
  16. The constellations don’t change, year after year.
  17. Heavenly bodies don’t collapse together, because their attraction is perfectly balanced by equal centrifugal force resulting from revolving around the Earth.
  18. The universe is found to expand AWAY from the Earth with EQUAL speed, that means that the Universe STARTED from the Earth.

Robert Sungenis. He is also the creator of the new movie “The Principle.”



Information Mercenaries

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A conspiracy theorist is a person or a group of persons, including contractors and agents, acting as information mercenaries, to introduce and reinforce propaganda programming agenda, to distract, to confuse the general population. They work by means of inaccurate reporting, identity theft, black mail, industrial espionage, fraud.

Artificial Intelligence can identify and render their work ineffective.




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