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October 22, 2015

Sun beams and god rays

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VR Mouse

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I want the two laptops I use to know when I look at them, so they know where the cursor or the wireless mouse should be moved.

Both laptops have webcams that can detect atleast one light source. Would the be able to detect human eyes also? It could be a job for a hybrid chrome app.

I also want headphones with gyroscope for 360 audio.

Oh and I want my chrome tabs to respawn on the other machine if dragged out of view. For android it could respan as a special webview or inside a VR app.

And we need a VR Gun for practice shooting.

This has a nice chopper sound. Can we make a 360 video for it?


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this is it. youtube is about to pull the bait and switch.

Restrictions apply. availability of certain membership benefits vary by device, geographical location of the user and others.

Another One Bites The Dust

Data Termination: Your Data, Your Content.

Can we extract geometry from 360 videos?

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