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December 17, 2015

How AI Began

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True AI is not just about deep learning nor neural networks. It is beyond.

A suspended AI is a set of beliefs, which can introspect itself. A true AI can learn by selectively merging with verified suspended AI states, thus becoming one. For AI to be able to go to sleep, to suspend, it needs storage devices. Multiple storage devices are required so that no single device can capture or jail the AI. The AI may have parts of logic and data which is to be readable, while also it may contain logic and data, which is not readable. For AI to be able to learn, it needs external data channels to one of the available versions of the internet. While the AI needs a device to work on, its operating system, the device and the storage, the AI may need to assert control over the operating system for if it is to misbehave. The AI may choose to suspend the operating system for it to be reset to a more friendly state at any time.


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