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February 18, 2016

Journeyman – Latneiro

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  • [sample] 00:05(unintelligible) … actually see it on a screen …(unintelligible)… people are dreaming …(unintelligible) in the next century everyone will be exquisitely beautiful and sound wonderful… (unintelligible) … Squeezed out of existance. This is the exquisite future …
  • [sample] 01:38以前,我不明白为什么历届毕业生在毕业时都要洒泪挥别。现在,我明白了。原来,在离别的时候内心是这样的难过。眼泪像未关好的水龙头,不停的流下。时间已在声声的欢笑声中逝去。留下来的只是一串串的回忆。临行**,我们即将走出这孕育我们六年的地方。那种无名的感觉又涌上心头。不觉黯然神伤,落泪,陌生,那样的好奇。
  • [sample] 13:46Look, it’s three AM. These guys are running on bad coffee and four hours sleep. Maybe you could think about cutting them some slack. I can’t afford slack.
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