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March 1, 2016

GearVR S7 First Impressions

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  • Not Enough Storage Is Available – what should we evict?
  • The GearVR box distributed with S7 claims to be compatible with S6. But works for S7 it seems.
  • GearVR strips seem less robust, where the old feels as a more polished product.
  • Harder to focus the left eye
  • Nose light visible.
  • Right screen visible from left eye
  • Oculus Images and OTOY failure to display images in fast wifi.
  • Samsung forces you to download undisclosed updates “A software update can include, but is not limited to” 

I seem to like GearVR may version for S6 more.

  • S7 edge (12M 4032×3024) has a lesser camera than S6 edge (16M 5312×2988)! dissapointment. ripoff. comparison shot shows the S7 might have more details tho.
  • S7 camera preview does not fill whole screen. Shows black borders.
  • Google Cardboard Camera works with Wearality Lenses. A bit slow?
  • S7 comes with USB Connector. Can add a USB wireless keyboard to it. Does not work for VR?
  • S7 does not have IR Blaster to connect to p900 while S6 does
  • S7 does not have FM RADIO chip in a useable state. S1, Note 2 has.
  • S7 does not allow non developers to move apps to sdcard while S1 does, and allows only a select apps to be transfered to adopted storage.
  • S7 does not allow to take pictures onto sdcard
  • S7 screen care insurance cannot be activated after 30days of the date of purchase. S7 screen will fail with green lines within 1.5y
  • S7 cannot export micro sdcard as USB mass storage. S1 can.
  • S7 needs pinpoint key to open card tray

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