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March 31, 2016

Chrome Web Store Dead

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Don’t you have $5?
We block you because you don’t pay us.

Did Chrome Web Store just kill themselves?

Your developer account has been suspended from the Chrome Web Store.

The Chrome Web Store team seeks to provide the best user experience in our store, and as such we uphold strict compliance of our Developer Terms of Service and Program Policies.


The problem with this is that it has now disabled extensions that ~~ I WROTE ~~ for my own purposes. There is no reason for me to be upload my own extensions to the chrome store. I don’t want them there. These extensions are not intended for other people to use. They were written by me, for me, and now Chrome has blocked me from using my own code.

Logically, then, the next step will be to disable any ability to develop extensions locally, and only permit extension developers to innovate in an online sandbox that Google provides, conveniently only after the developers pay the $5 “Promise You’re Not Malicious” surcharge.

Screw you, google. You effectively want to prohibit people from installing extensions from anywhere other than your store, under the guise of protecting people from malware.

I spent hours of my time writing a Chrome extension for my own personal use. I have no intention of releasing it. The fact that I have been restricted from using a clean, functional, packaged version of my own code for my own use is ridiculous. There is no reason for me to pay to have my extension (which, to reiterate, only I will be using) be put on the Chrome Web Store to “verify its integrity” or for other such reasons. I think I should be trusted to make my own decisions about my own code and as a developer I have been highly discouraged from using Google Chrome as a platform.

Chrome keeps “removing” features from Mac/Windows/Linux but keeping them for Chrome OS.



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