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August 20, 2016

Chrome Apps Discontinued

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I’m just furious.

This means:
1. My efforts when I written code into Chrome Apps is lost. I spent enough time and hope on it to be profoundly disgusted.

2. The Dart workaround for Chrome Apps I written is now pointless.

3. We’ll have hard time to send UDP/TCP packets. Cool. Now how to do versatile clients that talks to many protocols? Funny.

4. Now, running an HTML offline-ready app will have a cost because of Origin-only APIs (at least $30/year because of domain name & hosting, I don’t even talk about running an Apache server etc), or it will need a localhost HTTP server to install & update (and run through the insane update process of each OS, especially Windows), and so it makes my app unavailable to ChromeOS.

5. Now, either you make a web app and ignore ChromeOS, or make a native app and ignore ChromeOS. ChromeOS will pay it a lot.

6. Migration guide does not even talk about NaCl. NaCl can be used to send UDP packets. Are they going to remove it as well?

I don’t know what I’m going to do now. That’s even the biggest problem. I don’t see any good looking solution.
Will I switch to native apps and the pain of each graphical toolkit? Stay to the web with a local server? Find a remote server to keep my apps, and proxify everything for TCP/UDP?

So for chrome extension to be able to use special api, it now needs a native app to be installed? Would it be any different from the hopping we did earlier already?




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