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August 22, 2019

1984: Freedom To Travel

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Ideally you would be free to own property. Be it a car.

It would be locally built. Not an import.

It would run on fuel created locally. Not an import.

You would be free from annual insurance, annual drivers license, annual ID card.

You would be free from being stopped for not attending a paid annual check of your property.


We do not live in ideal world. We live in a world, where people think its ok to run the rat race, to import cars, import fuel, pay for renewal of ID, pay for renewal of driver license, pay for extension of the car check.

If you attempt to be free, they will ask for your email and fine you. Then you have to log into a bank with your ID and, pay up. in their printed fiat. For which you would have to work for. If you pay salary. You would have to withhold the taxes.

And. In the end. After you have done all that. You get to go to the beach with your dog.


Atleast the beach is free. And there are no tolls on the road.



Can we track which plalist has which movie?




August 9, 2019

Samsung GearVR 4K

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November 7, 2019
Going forward, all Gear VR apps will need to leverage the Oculus Mobile SDK 1.26.0

Yesterday, Samsung announced its new device, Note 10. It will not have an audio port, it will not have a 4K screen, and it will not do VR.

Samsung seems to have stopped talking about and even selling the GearVR device.

Is this a repeat of google chrome apps or adobe flash?

Facebook Oculus seems to have hidden mentions of GearVR.

As such, will there be a GearVR 4K? Or will the tech be hidden, made comercially unavailable instead?

The general morale among the masses, mindless consumers seems to be entertainment centric, having no interest of the VR tech itself.


Oh and, .net will become .net core, and android attempts to distance from java to kotlin. Crazy times.


I am kinda fed up with having to consume news about Google’s discontinued products.


Soon all that will remain in that space will be Google Cardboard and those are just gimmicks for getting 3D images and low quality VR from an Android phone, and it remains alive only because it costs basically nothing for Google to keep it working.

VR innovation overall is still going on, mostly in Oculus’ camp with the latest 6DOF wireless HMDs (namely the Quest). The other PC players seem to be stuck in 2014, with heavy, complex tethered HMDs that seems as if they will remain a niche market for the foreseeable future.
I hate the “all or nothing” attitude that companies are taking with VR right now.

The main problem is they’re trying to have people play in a 3D environment, i.e. moving and walking around in the virtual space, instead of just having a “sit-down” setup for: first person shooters with a keyboard+mouse or gamepad, driving/racing games, roller coasters, etc. The same games we play today but using a VR headset with head tracking instead of a regular display, giving you a more immersive and natural view of the game world.

A “walking” VR setup requires a whole room, or at the very least a big empty floor area, dedicated to the session. You risk bumping into things, people, pets, etc. And right now there’s a bunch of wires always in the way, etc… It’s too much.

Also, I played Arizona Sunshine a few years ago (yeah okay, only once), and having to point and click at the ground in order to move almost made it less immersive than playing Left 4 Dead 2 on a regular computer.

Putting headset trackers on your desk on each side of the monitor isn’t asking as much. Wires become less of an issue. And without special controllers you stop flaying your arms around, there’s no arms/hands tracking to do… it simplifies the setup and lowers the costs by a lot. Don’t put speakers in the damn thing, most people already own headphones. A less complicated and cheaper setup would mean easier cross-platform support along with cross-brand standards, along with more users, which in turn would mean more supported games.


Axioms Of Barriers: Wayward Pines

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Physically locked into a locality, while the other option is to be locked in temporality.


  • Wayward Pines
  • Truman show
  • They Live
  • Matrix
  • Thirdteenth floor
  • Inception
  • Signal
  • Source Code
  • Dark City
  • Lucy
  • Tron
  • Oblivion
  • Serenity
  • Island
  • Cube
  • Elysium
  • Shutter Island
  • Lost
  • ?Vanilla Sky


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August 7, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S7 USB port failure

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So another samsung devices has faulted. This time, the USB port seem to have failed on its own. This device was in service for one single year.

Samsung you suck.

WordPress you suck too for messing with the interface.

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