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August 13, 2009

Example: MatrixStuffExample

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I have ported an actionscript Matrix3D example from Bit-101 blog to C#.

The code:

I would like to port this to WPF – can you help me?


June 15, 2008

FlashTowerDefense1 v6.1

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Game updated to version 6. Player can now exit the machinegun and chase those sheep with a shotgun.


You are in the command of a machine gun tower and you are raided by mad sheep and enemy warriors. Your mission is to shoot them down.

  • Size: 800×600
  • Category: Shooting
  • Tags: machinegun, sheep, blood
  • Content Rating: Everyone

Instructions: Aim at the enemy unit and hold down the mouse until the unit is terminated by gunfire.

Game published on Nonoba.
Game published on Multigames.
Game published on Newgrounds.

View older blog post or video post..

June 4, 2008

FlashTowerDefense1 v2.1

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A month has passed and $0.20 money has been made. I published this project to try this new trend to monetize your flash game I’ve read about on Emanuel’s blog. My idea is simple – use c# (view source) for coding, translate the project to a actionscript equivalent via jsc and draw yourself some graphics for the game. So far so good. I am now a member of GameBalance, MochiAds and Newsground where you can even visit my profile.


You are in the command of a machine gun tower and you are raided by mad sheep and enemy warriors. Your mission is to shoot them down.

  • Size: 640×480
  • Category: Shooting
  • Tags: machinegun, sheep, blood
  • Content Rating: Everyone

Instructions: Aim at the enemy unit and hold down the mouse until the unit is terminated by gunfire.

You can see the stats for MochiAds and Newsground below:

What do you think I should add as a next feature? I’ve already read some of the suggestions and am considering adding them.

  • enemies come as waves
  • powerups
  • building multiple cannons
  • more doodads like trees and bushes

Visit older blog post here.

Update: Game published on Nonoba. View my profile.

Update: Game published on Multigames. View my profile.

December 25, 2007

new example: isometric ThreeDStuff, javascript tycoon?

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This example demostrates how would an isometric javascript game look like in your browser. You can see landscape from Transport Tycoon and the characters are from Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.


The map is now a little bit larger, you can drag the map around. The dudes can now be selected and ordered to move.

Updated version. And the menu for developers like me. There is also a poll in the openttd forums.

Update: Mentioned by Ondra.

December 16, 2007

new example: worm game

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Designed to work with AmiNET110 on your TV.

Pause – P on keyboard or Pause on remote control

Change Zoom Level – Page Up or Down

Enter – To add new apples or respawn

Arrows – Change Direction

December 15, 2007

amino110 remote control example

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This example shows which button you are pressing on your Amino110 remote control.

November 17, 2007

Example: TextScreenSaver

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New example added.

Demonstrates scrolling, zoomable, draggable text and xml serialization support.

November 4, 2007

Windows.Forms & Vectors in DHTML!!

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Two new examples to release – both are really not there yet. But you can see where the road is going to.

PS. There seems to be some issues with system colors – even deprecated in CSS3 ?

November 3, 2007

Here be dragons!

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Here be dragons!

This weekend me and my girlfriend made some figures from plasticine. Other than that you can now also command a unit from wolf3d and doom. Wheee!

Maybe someday there will be a full blown RTS coming… who knows!:D

NatureBoy – Dragons!

November 2, 2007

jsc:js – MonthSchedule

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If you just happen to run a store with a few employees and work from clock to clock you need to maintain and create work schedules. Luckily for I have made such a project.

This Application lets you manage the workschedule of your workers. You can add or remove workers on the left, specify how many workers must be present at any given day at the bottom, which days are free days, when to come later and when to go earlier. It also calculates total workhours on the right. You can use your mousewheel or just click on the buttons.



This time it utilizes localization – based on a locals.xml document you can switch between languages.

Localizing your application is now as simple as this: “year”.Localize().

This ScriptApplication was tested with following browsers:

Safari 3.0.3
Opera 9.24
Netscape Navigator
Internet Explorer 7.0

October 14, 2007

duke in your browser

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Long time no see. I still have ~8 months to serve in the army.

In the meanwhile visual studio 2008 beta 2 has been released. I have updated the ScriptCoreLib framework, but anonymous types are now not supported due to the internal changes (can be fixed tho).

Also no new binary downloads have been set up – svn has the latest source!

Everybody knows the duke nukem 3d. This time you can move him around your browser. See it for yourself! I am thinking of a free multiplayer RTS duke game. What you think?

NatureBoy – Duke

June 28, 2007

New Example: MouseWheel

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Mousewheel works now with IE, FireFox and Safari. Did you know that each of them use separate event names?

Demo can be found here below.


June 27, 2007

New Examples: Google Gears, TextRotator

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I have made two new examples. One will display differend qoutes like a typewriter and the other will utilize Google Gears client side database to store information about postcards.


June 25, 2007

Web stuff, part 2

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This is the second part of my web link dump.

1. DateInput croppercapture12-52-33-plthumbnail.png
2. Arkanoid croppercapture12-57-20-plthumbnail.png
3. Editor croppercapture01-03-12-plthumbnail.png
4. Controls croppercapture01-06-50-plthumbnail.png
5. Controls croppercapture01-16-52-plthumbnail.png
6. Fonts croppercapture01-27-00-plthumbnail.png
7. Controls croppercapture01-30-01-plthumbnail.png
8. Example Web croppercapture01-38-47-plthumbnail.png
9. Icon Paint croppercapture01-40-25-plthumbnail.png
10. Tween croppercapture01-43-35-plthumbnail.png
11. Maze croppercapture02-16-07-plthumbnail.png
12. Chess croppercapture02-18-24-plthumbnail.png
13. Example Portal croppercapture02-23-34-plthumbnail.png
14. Controls croppercapture02-45-09-plthumbnail.png
15. Controls croppercapture02-48-54-plthumbnail.png
16. Controls croppercapture02-58-16-plthumbnail.png
17. Controls croppercapture03-02-22-plthumbnail.png
18. TextEditor in Colors croppercapture03-04-16-plthumbnail.png
19. Java 4K croppercapture03-10-43-plthumbnail.png
20. Controls croppercapture03-18-35-plthumbnail.png
21. Lemmings croppercapture03-22-40-plthumbnail.png
22. Controls croppercapture03-49-26-plthumbnail.png
23. Menu croppercapture12-44-37-plthumbnail.png
24. Effects croppercapture02-42-41-plthumbnail.png
25. Desktop croppercapture02-44-56-plthumbnail.png

to be continued…

June 18, 2007

Web stuff, part 1

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I have gathered a fair ammount of links, which represent all the goodies of the web today that i have bookmarked and I have decided to put them here on my blog. So here it goes.

1. Control Timeline simile-timeline-examples-the-jfk-assassination-timeline_1181725856941.png
2. Controls actipro-software-products-list_1181726418050.png
3. Javascript SOAP javascript-soap-client-the-code-project-ajax-atlas_1181726713357.png
4. DRAW draw-now_1181727019992.png
5. GOD – The Story god_1181727190257.png
6. Slideshow slideshowpro-flash-photo-gallery-and-slide-show-component-for-flash-mx-2004-flash-8-and-flash-cs3_1181727403707.png
7. Fancy menu gucci_1181727638165.png
8. Hive7 – Adventure the-terrace_1181727750123.png
9. Widg – Texteditor the-man-in-blue-experiments-widgeditor_1181728072210.png
10. MIDI Ringtones free-ringtone-heaven-free-blues-g-ringtones_1181728426500.png
11. Aflax – Flash via Javascript aflax.png
12. WebFX Controls index-of-dhtml_1181829376677.png
13. Javascript 3d real-time-3d-in-javascript_1181829982346.png
14. Javascript Effects spry-effects_1181830157489.png
15. Flash Warcraft war.png
16. Animator bernies-better-animation-class_1182149925989.png
17. Flash Sound soundmanager-2-javascript-sound-for-the-web_1182150211053.png
18. Animation 2 run-universal-javascript-animation-framework-examples_1182150328694.png
19. Animation 3 weltenkonstrukteurde-v20_1182150608008.png
20. Controls dhtmlxtreegrid-cross-browser-dhtml-javascript-treegrid-control-with-ajax-support_1182150768633.png
21. Effects jason-harwig_1182151124337.png
22. Colors colorjack-dhtml-color-picker_1182151281072.png
23. DOM Tool dom-tool-version-11_1182152142036.png
24. WebChat webchat-20_1182152750758.png
25. Controls visual-webgui-catalog_1182153279432.png
26. Controls uize-javascript-api_1182153664975.png
27. Animation highslide-js-javascript-thumbnail-viewer_1182153943978.png
28. Window prototype-window-class-introduction_1182154436809.png
29. Paint canvaspaint_1182156104701.png
30. Goodies miniajaxcom-a-showroom-of-nice-looking-simple-downloadable-dhtml-and-ajax-scripts_1182156251707.png
31. Gallery 35mm-photo-viewer-v5-beta-demo-page_1182156368600.png
32. SVG, VML, Canvas prototype-graphic-framework_1182157225995.png

To be continued…

May 23, 2007

Example: Hot Polygon

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Yet another example is out of the door. Soon there will be a compiler and framework update, and initial windows forms support will be added. Thats right. You can then write a .net usercontrol that runs both on desktop and on html.

This new example demonstrates the use of custom cursors, map, area, timed animation, cookies and a custom dialog.

Hot Polygon

May 6, 2007

example: rollover

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Today i found out that you actually can generate style rules on the fly 🙂

To demostrate what can be done with dynamic styles and png 24’s i have made the following example:

The example works with latest netscape, opera, firefox and ie7. (ie6 will probably crash)


April 22, 2007

FreeCell, Spider

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These two examples have been ported to run on Windows Presentation Framework.

It took no less than 2 years and 2 months to do so 🙂

Here i present you the card games from the past. They were originally coded within c# at july 2006. Now they are included in the svn 🙂

March 23, 2007

jsc:javascript and active desktop

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It just occurred to me that jsc:javascript can benefit from the Active Desktop.

So I have decided to make a manual tutorial.

In this short tutorial I will add an active desktop item of the Space Invaders.

Step 1. Right-click on the desktop and select properties.


Step 2. Click the button ‘Costumize Desktop’ and select the tab ‘Web’.


Step 3. Now click on the ‘New’button and add the location:


Step 4. Confirm the action.


Step 5. Wait for the synchronization to complete and close the dialogs by clicking on the ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ button.


Step 6. Resize and move the new windows and enjoy the web application on your desktop.


This reminds a bit something what Appolo is trying to do doesn’t it?

Now only if I would repeat the steps with other examples:


I am also aware that once could do this automatically in the Internet Explorer. It didn’t work on my box at the moment. What a shame.

March 19, 2007


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It looks like I am able to host my jsc:javascript demos at google pages. Have a look at page.

March 4, 2007

Back to the future: Dock Master

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So I was going through my old source code and found yet another jsc:javascript project. Years ago when I started programming I tried to make a game in visual basic 6. The mission was to take the cargo off the cargo ship with your crane. There is a slim chance that it has survived on a old 486 machine up in the attic. Anyhow, so in December 2005 the jsc compiler was in its early stages and the ScriptCoreLib is now twice as big as it was back then. One weekend it was really bad weather and me and my girlfriend sat down to make a cartoon-ish mockup of such a game. I was suprised that it did recompile with the current version of the jsc. I really think developing applications with the jsc will be fun for everybody:)

And yes all the graphics is really done by me with the adobe photoshop.
Give it a look what one could do with javascript.

March 3, 2007

jsc: space invaders

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The collection of example projects done with jsc framework has once again grown – Space Invaders.

See it in action or browse in the source code.

Why did I do it? Well I found an implementation by Kris . So I thought how hard could it be. Well just so you know I spent a whole Saturday developing it.

I also linked it within youOS.

And if you are into monad/powershell give a shot at Adrian’s implementation.

And there is yet another javascript implementation. See labpixies.

A flash version by Neave.

OpenGL version at sourceforge.

See also:

February 2, 2007

more on legacy examples… #2

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split it

    1 using ScriptCoreLib;


    3 using ScriptCoreLib.Shared.Drawing;

    4 using ScriptCoreLib.Shared;


    6 using ScriptCoreLib.JavaScript;

    7 using ScriptCoreLib.JavaScript.Runtime;

    8 using ScriptCoreLib.JavaScript.System;

    9 using ScriptCoreLib.JavaScript.DOM;

   10 using ScriptCoreLib.JavaScript.DOM.HTML;


   12 namespace ITKBrowser.source.js

   13 {


   15     [Script]

   16     class SubSquare

   17     {


   19         IHTMLDiv Base = new IHTMLDiv();


   21         Timer timer = new Timer();


   23         int value = 0xFF;


   25         Rectangle Location;


   27         public SubSquare(Rectangle size)

   28         {

   29             Location = size;


   31   ;

   32    = Color.White;


   34             timer.Tick += new EventHandler<Timer>(timer_Tick);


   36             Base.onmouseover += delegate { if (value > step) timer.StartInterval(40); };


   38             Base.onmouseout += delegate { timer.Stop(); = Color.FromGray(value); };


   40             Base.attachToDocument();

   41         }


   43         const int step = 5;


   45         void timer_Tick(Timer e)

   46         {

   47             if (value > step)

   48             {

   49                 Console.WriteLine(“tick”);


   51                 value -= step;


   53        = Color.FromRGB(0xFF, 0xFF – value, 0xFF – value);


   55                 if (value <= step)

   56                 {

   57                     Console.WriteLine(“// we are done”);




   61                     timer.Stop();


   63            = Color.Red;


   65                     WorkPool p = Fader.FlashAndFadeOut(this.Base, 200);



   68                     p += delegate

   69                     {

   70                         new SubSquare(

   71                         Rectangle.Of(Location.Left, Location.Top, Location.Width / 2, Location.Height / 2)

   72                           );


   74                         new SubSquare(

   75                             Rectangle.Of(Location.Left + Location.Width / 2, Location.Top, Location.Width / 2, Location.Height / 2)

   76                         );


   78                         new SubSquare(

   79                             Rectangle.Of(Location.Left + Location.Width / 2, Location.Top + Location.Height / 2, Location.Width / 2, Location.Height / 2)

   80                         );


   82                         new SubSquare(

   83                             Rectangle.Of(Location.Left, Location.Top + Location.Height / 2, Location.Width / 2, Location.Height / 2)

   84                         );


   86                         this.Base.Dispose();

   87                     };

   88                 }

   89             }

   90             else

   91                 timer.Stop();

   92         }


   94         static SubSquare()

   95         {


   97             Native.Spawn(“”,

   98                 delegate(IHTMLElement e)

   99                 {

  100                     new SubSquare(Rectangle.Of(8,8, Native.Document.body.clientWidth – 16, Native.Document.body.clientHeight – 16));



  103                     e.Dispose();

  104                 }

  105             );


  107         }

  108     }

  109 }

January 29, 2007


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Time has come to make a decent text editor. Every site uses one nowadays. Even the wordpress does:)

Here is a screenschot. See the real deal.


I need to add color dropdowns and font dropdowns. But this will be built on the menu framework.

PS. The it does take some time to load:) And the contents you see is the actual source file.

UPDATE: 1.02.2007, see version 2

And yes it may take 30 sec to be loaded. The ScriptCoreLib is 300kb at the moment. 🙂 To be optimized eventually.


Update 3: The text editor is now in version 3. Users can now set fore and back color. The source code is also now in svn:)

Update 4: Also font name and font size can now be selected.

August 15, 2006

j2me starter kit updated

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warThe javaME library has now been jsc’ized and c#’ized which means you can start producing valid j2me applications from within c#.

I donot have any installation instructions published yet. soon i will.

Watch the sceencast.

Oh and i added another example, rather old but still nice 🙂


For those who know what youOS is then there are two more “games” for you. Try searching for warcraft (direct) and spider (direct).

I couldn’t add the solitaire tho – seems it has some sort of load issues under iframe…

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