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January 24, 2017

Out Of Memory

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Can we remember which big videos are tame, thus blacklisted? It might be 4K, but nothing is said or shown. No replay value. Ban it.

Can we move production frames to offline disk? They will likely never be needed, can be regenerted, but takes time to regenerate.

Can we review the 360 content, and review, and comment them in VR?


November 27, 2016

360 Mayan Pyramids

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March 25, 2016

visualizing mathematical functions

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January 26, 2016

David Bowie

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November 15, 2015

Revision 10000

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October 29, 2015

Cymatics in 3D

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October 11, 2015

Zetetic Flat Earth

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Bots. Fetch.

September 27, 2015

Manufactured Consent

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June 28, 2015

Artificial Willpower

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What if at any point a computer would be able to give exact details of the tasks running? With each new program available, what if instead of downloading and blindly executing knowledge could be studied, learned from, extracted remembered and merged.

A computer debugging another computer, essentially patching, rebooting (Intel vPRO) itself to RING-3 as required. The native instructions is the source code.

Think of multi threaded, multi process, multi device, multi network artificial willpower presence. Artificial consciousness extender.

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August 9, 2014

Revision 8000

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Today marks the day of the 8000th commit to the JSC ScriptCoreLib Framework. Exciting times! – Arvo


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March 3, 2014

Revision 7001

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Today marks the day of the 7001th commit to the JSC ScriptCoreLib Framework. Exciting times! – Arvo


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August 14, 2013

John Carmack Keynote – Quakecon 2013

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November 19, 2012

revision 5000

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Today marks the day of the 5000th commit to the JSC ScriptCoreLib Framework. Exciting times! – Arvo

August 23, 2012

Free To Play

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  • Even if the game is popular it might not make much money
  • Think about  things you will be able to sell in the future
  • Do make a game which is designed to make amoney
  • Consumables as a soruce of revenue
  • Do not depend on a single platform
  • Functional goods vs aesthetic goods
  • Do the marketing and self promotion

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August 9, 2012

OpenGL ES 3.0

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[…] August 6th, 2012 – Los Angeles, SIGGRAPH 2012 – The Khronos™ Group today announced the immediate release of the OpenGL® ES 3.0 specification

  1. OpenGL ES Shading Language 3.0 Specification
  2. OpenGL ES 3.0 Specification

[…] Do you have a phone or tablet? then OpenGL matters. – slashdot

There is a significant set of WebGL examples working as JSC Web Applications. Today, it requires a rather new laptop, does NOT run on iPad and requires Firefox Mobile on Android.

How long will it take until OpenGL ES 3.0 is running on Android or as WebGL?

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May 7, 2012

Change Seeking Entrepeneurs

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  1. Be positive
  2. Absorb rejections
  3. Inspire others with your creation
  4. Deliver!

[…] Be involved in the most interesting thing you can!

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June 21, 2011

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN

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Only a few years ago I had this idea to have a JSC branded PAC MAN multiplayer game.

Today, I found this via RLammle:

For my amusement I found it rather remarkable to be able to log in with facebook connect and use my tablet to ink a new maze for others to play later.

It would be awesome if a future version of JSC would include a C# project template to create something like this.

What if it would be applied to other simple games? What if actual applications could be extended by crowd sourcing?

Above video by Pavel was found thanks to



August 24, 2010

What Gets Shared?

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August 6, 2010

C# to JavaScript, WebGL

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August 3, 2010


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Where is the Photoshop File Formats.pdf file?

You need to request the Photoshop File Formats documentation explicitly

On the other hand…

There be dragons!

You could use it to get the most basic elements of a document, as long as you are prepared for hours of trial and error as well, but most features post-5.0 are either described as black boxes, or left out entirely. Clearly nobody inside Adobe uses this document or is properly updating it for third parties.

Update: Form Field Elements

While PSD is an industry standard you may be able to just use Paint.NET to edit them.

Manually converting PSD to HTML.

There is even a book!

Update: Slav has an ActionScript implementation.

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July 23, 2010

Error loading jvm

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When I was trying to use jsc to build a flash component the mxmlc compiler failed to launch with this message:

[exec] Error loading: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll

Error loading: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll

To fix that I copied from:

“C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\msvcr71.dll”

to (x86)


to (x86) on 64bit windows


Then I ran the generated swf file in the flash player which told me the following:

VerifyError: Error #1014: Class mx.core::BitmapAsset could not be found.

As this component was not part of the new BrowserApplication project template it had a custom build.bat which needed a new flag to be passed mxmlc.


Update from the future: While setting up a build environment in Amazon EC the same problem occurs.

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July 22, 2010


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July 12, 2010

Write WebGL in C# with JSC

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In the following gallery you will be shown just how easy it is to download JSC, install, create a WebGL application (see the original) and run it in your WebGL enabled browser.

Would you want to program your shaders in C# instead? It would look something like this once implemented:

Update: See GLSL overview

Update: See WebGL Awesomeness

More examples: Shadertoy and Collada tron tank

More examples: Chocolux and take screenshot from 3d and Cubepaint

More examples: Raycolor and more and some dancing frogs? and a whale?

Something simple:

Shortest WebGL example

More examples: Ethanol

Update: GLSL minifier, and a small c++ demo

Can we port XNA to WebGL?

Update: For debugging and see WPF OpenGL.

Update: Photoshop effects

Update: Can we have COLLADA within HTML?

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June 5, 2010


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Today, on another machine with I was able to test out WebGL. When I have a demo where WebGL was programmed from .NET source code I will make a post about it.

The examples I tested listed below:


I plan to generate the assembly ScriptCoreLib.WebGL  from WebGL spec (<pre class=”idl”>). The assembly could also be named (but I like the shorter name 🙂 as ScriptCoreLib.Ultra.WebGL.Volatile.dll.

To rehash:

  1. Ultra is the new concept where you can have more types defined your assembly than compiled by jsc.
  2. Volatile means the assembly may have online dependancies on resources like images or spec’s like WebGL IDL. (Or SVG?)

PS. WordPress just asked me “How likely would I be recommending it to my friends and family ?”! Who wouldn’t? 🙂


The namespace will probably be ScriptCoreLib.JavaScript.WebGL and the hosting assembly will be ScriptCoreLib.Ultra.Volatile.

May 27, 2010

JSC Live on Make Web Not War Conference Right Now

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It’s JSC, not me, but Carlo! The event will be recorded and made available within week.

And just in time JSC has a brand new JSC powered home page.

The installer has also been upgraded!

Last, but not least – JSC has a brand new cool shiny Visual Studio like project designer. A lot still needs to be built, but you will get the idea. Drag and drop Java Applets and Adobe Flash Sprites. Select C#, F# or Visual Basic. And save your project to disk. Facebook connected IDE? Why not.

Check back soon!

Updates from twitter:

Twitterlogo_normalWebNotWar IGNITE WEB APP DEMOS in MAIN ROOM: 5 min for each of your web apps. Carlo Godoy introducing JSC Solutions for CROSS PLATFORM DEV! #webnotwarabout 2 hours ago from web

March 10, 2010

8-Bit NYC

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It’s interactive (like Google Maps), letting you zoom from a view of the whole city, down to an individual street — any address, anywhere in the city.

March 9, 2010

Core – What really makes us different

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In this astonishing, inspirational and practical session, Geoffrey “Crossing the Chasm” Moore talks about what you need to be great at, what you need to be merely good enough at, and how companies consistently mix these two categories up.

The next generation of software can be built on top of jsc.

Your Core, My Context, I pay.

My Core, Your Context, you pay.

[#13:44] The purpose of neutralization and innovation is to get the  maximum input from the minimum input output for the minimum input and be good enough.

Differentiation – How you make money

Neutralization –  How to stay in the game


See also: Before product-market fit, find passion market fit by Naval

March 4, 2010

FSharp Ultra Application

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JSC Ultra Application to Support FSharp

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This is awesome 🙂

You will basically be able to write code for javascript, java applets and flash in F#!

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