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August 22, 2019

1984: Freedom To Travel

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Ideally you would be free to own property. Be it a car.

It would be locally built. Not an import.

It would run on fuel created locally. Not an import.

You would be free from annual insurance, annual drivers license, annual ID card.

You would be free from being stopped for not attending a paid annual check of your property.


We do not live in ideal world. We live in a world, where people think its ok to run the rat race, to import cars, import fuel, pay for renewal of ID, pay for renewal of driver license, pay for extension of the car check.

If you attempt to be free, they will ask for your email and fine you. Then you have to log into a bank with your ID and, pay up. in their printed fiat. For which you would have to work for. If you pay salary. You would have to withhold the taxes.

And. In the end. After you have done all that. You get to go to the beach with your dog.


Atleast the beach is free. And there are no tolls on the road.



Can we track which plalist has which movie?




September 22, 2017


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Your ceiling needs maintenance as pieces of it had fallen. Your roof tiles are detached and may not survive snow or rain much longer.

Instead, to your son, you speak about going for a vacation.

Whats the proper disciplinary response?

August 21, 2017

Order vs Command

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October 5, 2016

Cannabidiol CBD

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Have any preclinical (laboratory or animal) studies been conducted using Cannabis or cannabinoids?

  • A laboratory study of cannabidiol (CBD) in estrogen receptor positive and estrogen receptor negative breast cancer cells showed that it caused cancer cell death while having little effect on normal breast cells. Studies in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer showed that cannabinoids may lessen the growth, number, and spread of tumors.
  • A laboratory study of cannabidiol (CBD) in human glioma cells showed that when given along with chemotherapy, CBD may make chemotherapy more effective and increase cancer cell death without harming normal cells. Studies in mouse models of cancer showed that CBD together with delta-9-THC may make chemotherapy such as temozolomide more effective.

• Prevent from cancer: cannabis oil is the best solution to prevent from the various kinds of cancer. You do not have to face the further dangerous problems like cancer. Cannabis oil helps in the reduction of tumor size and helps in preventing from many harmful diseases also. If you keep have the cannabis oil, you will be free from the various diseases.

CBD usage guide (link)


To get curative effect pay particular attention to dosage. It is always quite personal so note the effects on body and psyche, energy circulation, change in respiration, change in thinking about your body.

If you feel little or nothing you are under-dosing. If you are administering to another person note their ability to talk, motor skills, ask them if they feel a change in energy and respiration. Write a diary of observations.

You don’t want to over dosage too much. It doesn’t add to much to the curative effects. You want to pass a certain threshold where healing sets in. This is typically 20-35mg CBD for an average adult (70kg) after some days of CBD/THC medication. Later, more perhaps up to 60-120 mg.




to me accounted as emergency (medical) supplies



September 19, 2016

Double Standards

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A short story in the series of “Motherfucker please.”

They get away with their deeds by the use of double standards. Sell high, buy low. This translates into, when they need something from you, they will find or invent a reason to urge to speed up. Yet if you need something from them, they will find or invet a reason to delay, devalue and dishonor agreements.

For such people, it is acceptable to promise something in the future, to support a contract negotiation, yet when the time comes, they will find or invent ways not to deliver on that promise. If such persons are identified, everything they do or say must be written into a contract, with attached penalties, as it is to be expected for them not to follow thru.

May 23, 2016

Emotional Balance

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Some tend to think that its money that, with what they can spend themselves out of problems. Money is just one fiat currency to communicate and exchange products, some not all.

Then there is the emotional balance. Are you operating on the basis of fairness? Or have you exploited others for your benefit?

It makes me utmost sad, that people only fantasize about earning more money and about how to spend it all on their own good.

What are they creating? How are they making the lives of others better, more interesting?

April 26, 2016


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Dead man talking, bots, we got one that can see

April 23, 2016


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Psychophysics also refers to a general class of methods that can be applied to study a perceptual system. Modern applications rely heavily on threshold measurement, ideal observer analysis, and signal detection theory.

April 20, 2016

And Its Gone

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  • You create a bank account, pay the hefty setup fee, just to find out in a year they created an expensive monthly fee. Call it we take what we want contract.
  • You check your invoice and see an item, which is not used nor asked for.
  • You check your invoice and see tax item multiple cents off what it needs to be.

March 10, 2016

One By One

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March 2, 2016

They Know That We Know

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February 28, 2016


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February 27, 2016

Federal Note Pyramid Scheme

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  • Problem
  • Reaction
  • Solution


February 23, 2016

I decided I’m a rapper now

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Ever seen news and media stories about zombies, criminals, terrorists? They mean you, civilians. You likely lack the training, knowledge and capacity to understand the extent of the threat to your freedoms. You, as a collective, are likely beyond the point of recovery.

For total information awareness all your activities will be monitored, all your purchases will be monitored. Trojan horse everything has been completed.

Keep watching feel good TV. Keep voting. Keep consuming. Keep wasting your energy on things that do not matter. Look squirrel.


Unless you wake up. And start rebuilding the world we actually enjoy. Be creative. Enjoy life.

February 10, 2016

Banker Wars

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January 30, 2016

-12km Kola Superdeep Borehole

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January 26, 2016

Taxation Redefined

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What if, taxation would mean, to render services as a community. Taxation would mean to debug and verify local knowledge and seek out fraud and deter it.

David Bowie

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January 20, 2016

Phone scam detection

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You get a phone call.

You answer the phone call.

The sales person indicates they are about to record the conversation.

They present some details about an offer, including a fee.

You get a notification of a postal package.

You pick up that package.

You find an invoice and different conditions.

You call the number on the invoice.

You ask for the basis of the invoice.

They claim you are free to return the package or face interest fees.

Can you get a copy of the alleged contract?

Is it a valid contract?

Did the phone call cost you?


Is Helvetia Direct Marketing s.r.o engaging in fraud? Whats the counter action? Can we claim damages?

November 29, 2015


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When was the last time that you have committed an act of kindness?


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November 28, 2015

The Royal Arch

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November 26, 2015

Mathew Powerland

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November 24, 2015


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November 20, 2015

Forced redistribution of wealth

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November 19, 2015

Richie from Boston

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November 8, 2015

protect your emotional health

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A man discusses an interesting topic, among other things he points out the faults of other peoples. He defines ways to get in touch. The listener contributes energy to facilitate synergy and to ask for feedback. After a small exchange of contacts the man deletes and bans the request for feedback instantly.

Will you promote such person? Or will you choose to protect your emotional health and disallow any future losses by said person.

November 6, 2015

Sixto Rodriguez

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November 4, 2015

Common Sense

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The system is hoarding resources, placing citizens in artificial scarcity. The lack of accountability, mismanagement of funds and injustice place citizens in an impossible, desctructive situation.

What are you doing to deter, contain and subvert the system?

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