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June 21, 2011

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN

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Only a few years ago I had this idea to have a JSC branded PAC MAN multiplayer game.

Today, I found this via RLammle:

For my amusement I found it rather remarkable to be able to log in with facebook connect and use my tablet to ink a new maze for others to play later.

It would be awesome if a future version of JSC would include a C# project template to create something like this.

What if it would be applied to other simple games? What if actual applications could be extended by crowd sourcing?

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October 14, 2009

Crowd sourcing by Google

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You do know that it is dirt cheap to hire a CAPTCHA breaker from India?

Google has now hired you, a member of the the google crowd sourcing resources, to perform work for google.

Go ahead watch the video and see it yourself how fun it is 🙂 I will pause this part of the internet for you!

See also:

Instead of directly paying you for a not so interesting dayjob of converting 2d to 3d you are given a massive multiplayer game where your only mission is to build and share 3d buildings. Sounds like profit, for google 🙂

want you

If your current job is of no fun, think of it as a game. Think what motivates you. Do the things which feed your motivation. Make your boring tasks more interesting by making them playful activities. Your life is just like World of Warcraft (which I have never played, do I miss out?) where you can advance your level and stats. You will get older, wiser and more mature. Only this time this game is for real. Or is it? What if you could switch bodies? What if you were to control other real people?

The last time I played with the idea of crowd sourcing I found out about what an ESP Game is. Google is simply applying it to its core product.

The next time you think you have figured out a good product, try to think how to crowd source it, because the internet is not a bunch of computers, what it actually is – a group of people connected real time forming a global common sense.

What if the latest game your kid is playing actually controls real life warrior mechs? Think about it.

  • Note that one could use the crowd to listen all those open source sounds and describe what they hear.

PS. Video parameters “&w=800&h=500&fmt=18″

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