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May 19, 2009

Fun and faith

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Ian at Gamasutra has compiled a list for game designers. Here are the key points I picked up for myself.

  1. Do play your game to ensure the fun
  2. Do keep design documentation up to date
  3. Do make prototypes with fun gameplay to remind the goals
  4. Do use placheolders
  5. Do use peer reviews
  6. Do play other games to learn from them, combine the ideas yet also use your own imagination
  7. Do add a good story in order to avoid tech demo status or just keep it simple and short

Have you also read this cool article – Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! II?

But what makes a game actually fun or even worth playing? This is discussed by Mark at Gamasutra. Here is a summary for future reference.

  1. Do keep the player motivated to advance in your levels.
    1. Significant threat from behind will keep player moving
    2. A dangling carrot on the field ahead sure looks like an objective
    3. Impose a time limit for the player not to hang around
    4. Provide guidance or simply limit the possible routes the player can choose from
    5. Provide something of interest of the player to motivate him
    6. Use architectural pressure trigger movement via psychology including long corridors and junctions
    7. Taking away the object of interest will make him chase it down
  2. Make the player believe they are under a threat – actual danger.
    1. External – caused by an enemy
    2. Internal – caused by players mistakes
  3. Keep the player believing in an unknown danger which would build up tension – perceived danger.
  4. Tempo is described by the level of intensity of action.
    1. Explorative
    2. Puzzle
    3. Combat


Why are dumb hit points of any fun? A blog post over at rampantgames has the anwser.

  1. It is intuitive
  2. Players get a sense of a warning system
  3. It balances the game
  4. It is appealing to see the growth of hitpoints

May 4, 2009

Designing Smart and Clever Applications

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April 18, 2009

Design Fundamentals for Developers

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While watching this video I saw this cool vision for Uncertain# language. How much must we wait to have the yoda programming language for .net?

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October 27, 2008

Mixing Games and Applications

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I found these slides by Danc and really enjoyed them! They are about bringing the fun into everyday application design.

Why are games fun?

  • You are given a goal
  • You aren’t told how to reach it.
  • You can fail (and be told that you failed)
  • You can succeed.
  • Delight comes when you figure it out on your own.

August 21, 2008

Interface Design Examples

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With all these touch sensitive devices around now one could be more interested in rethinking how they do the application user interface design. I for example am writing this post on a dell latitude xt tablet. I figured it would be nice to post some well known examples of how you could change the mouse input into something more. They seem to work extremely well with a hovering Stylus Pen.

  1. PowerCursor
  2. Don’t click it

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