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July 12, 2010

Write WebGL in C# with JSC

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In the following gallery you will be shown just how easy it is to download JSC, install, create a WebGL application (see the original) and run it in your WebGL enabled browser.

Would you want to program your shaders in C# instead? It would look something like this once implemented:

Update: See GLSL overview

Update: See WebGL Awesomeness

More examples: Shadertoy and Collada tron tank

More examples: Chocolux and take screenshot from 3d and Cubepaint

More examples: Raycolor and more and some dancing frogs? and a whale?

Something simple:

Shortest WebGL example

More examples: Ethanol

Update: GLSL minifier, and a small c++ demo

Can we port XNA to WebGL?

Update: For debugging and see WPF OpenGL.

Update: Photoshop effects

Update: Can we have COLLADA within HTML?

See also:

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