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July 30, 2008

FlashMinesweeper:MP won last weekly at Nonoba!

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The FlashMinesweeper:MP game did win!

This game was the weekly best game of
Jul 21 to Jul 27

Check out the stunning 5.7k impressions.

Do a google search.

Update: Now featuring on deviantART.

July 22, 2008


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Guess what, one of my games has made it to!

FlashMinesweeper:MP is a multiplayer version of the well-known puzzle game, complete with chat features and penalty-based restrictions to encourage teamwork among players.

A tile is revealed by left-clicking, and marked as unsafe by holding down either the left control, alternate or shift key before pressing the left mouse button. New players cannot join a game in progress when more than half of its field has already been solved.


Here is a youtube video:

Looks like people really like it. Have a look at this MochiAds graph – a stunning 1.1k impressions 🙂

It’s middle of the week – will the game win a prize at Nonoba?

Current status:
Prize: $500 Plays

This week’s leader Plays
FlashMinesweeper:MP 4711
Governor of Poker 1145
FWG Bridge 1105
Multiplayer Snake 1018
Race to the Bottom 832
Skissa 747
Shock Arena 679
Multiplayer Marbelous 670
LightsOut:TeamPlay 519
Agyta 512

Did you know that you can embed it on your google homepage?

Do a google search on FlashMinesweeper:MP.

April 6, 2008

jsc april 2008 refresh

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First some minor updates to the compiler: Download here.

Additionally two new example actionscript projects:

March 16, 2008

javascript minesweeper remake

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You can now play the classic minesweeper game in your browser.

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