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July 20, 2009

Understanding Lag

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To make faster games you really need to understand lag in order to defeat it. While browsing I found this great article to explain all of it.

To understand why lag occurs, you need to understand the sequence of events that occur […] Mick West

Update: Read about prediction.


Update: Read about stateless card dealing.


1. This same technique applies to algorithm design. The more state that you need to keep track of, the more likely the state is to get out of sync and be wrong. And the harder problems can be to diagnose.

2. Try dealing cards this way. While you may be laughed and mocked, you at least won’t lose count.

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February 6, 2009

Distributed Agents

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The world is changing around us. Sooner or later the artifactial intelligence will rise.  Until that we can enjoy creating agents, that based on their sensors and current beliefs of the environment perform rule based decision making. I think this will be important for distributed multiplayer games like flash games powered by Nonoba.

Read more about it over here at Rock Paper Shotgun blog and check out the article over here.

When playing an rts there is no point me trying to guess the actions of a random number generator.

But another person? They haven’t seen i have unit x which means i’ve teched up to building y which means i’m weak against z. But like i said, they don’t know so if i hold back unit x and let them capture that hill but offer as much low tech resistance as i can they will think the distribution of my forces is consistent… They have unit p? Perfect\fuck!

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