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October 10, 2010

Stratus To Cirrus

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P2P. Waiting for my Samsung Galaxy Tab to look more into this.


See also: WebRTC

July 7, 2010

TV + Phone = Multiplayer

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[…] This has lead to the development of what I feel is a strong framework for creating public installations and experiences that will allow smart phone users (on multiple platforms) to connect in an adhoc fashion.

Thanks Andrei!

January 26, 2010

Hi Volta, Hi Ripley, Hi Stratus

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There has been a while I’ve heard about volta project. Mind you jsc.meta (frontend) is now stronger than ever and taking on IL-to-IL translation and jsc (backend) is not anymore just about IL-to-javascript.

Seems like they have yet another project cooking – ripley project.

We propose Ripley, a system that uses replicated execution to automatically preserve the integrity of a distributed computation. Ripley replicates a copy of the client-side computation on the trusted server tier. Every client-side event is transferred to the replica of the client for execution.

Ripley prevents a malicious user or remote hacker from altering the behavior of code running inside a Web browser by creating an exact copy of the computational environment and running that copy on the server. Ripley then sends all of the user’s actions, including mouse clicks, keystrokes, and any other inputs, in a compressed “event stream” from the client to the server. This stream is run through the cloned client application on the server, and the behavior of that virtual doppelganger is compared to that of the application running on the user’s browser at home. If there are any discrepancies, Ripley disconnects the client.

It is very important to carefully analyze available tools and to place one self in the market. At the moment jsc is not in the business of replicating client side business logic in the server side. Yet jsc is capable of that. I will revisit this idea in the future.

If jsc solution were to implement the idea then:

  • Server side business logic could run on PHP
  • Server side business logic could run on Google App Engine Java
  • Server side business logic could run on ASP.NET
  • Client side business logic could run on javascript
  • Client side business logic could run on flash
  • Client side business logic could run on java

Update: Come to think about it jsc solution could pursue another goal of automatic synchronization of client applications via stratus which just recently got multicast support.

More by Stefan.


  1. Source
  2. Read the interview with the author here.


April 7, 2009

Stratus + Nonoba + ? = Massive Multiplayer

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Could stratus be used to connect multiple nonoba game instances? Here is the first diagram showing what I am thinking.


Every user client could be upgraded to admin client. By upgrading the client will act like a router, so it should be online for a while. Maybe we should give some stimulus to the player for that.

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