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August 21, 2008

Interface Design Examples

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With all these touch sensitive devices around now one could be more interested in rethinking how they do the application user interface design. I for example am writing this post on a dell latitude xt tablet. I figured it would be nice to post some well known examples of how you could change the mouse input into something more. They seem to work extremely well with a hovering Stylus Pen.

  1. PowerCursor
  2. Don’t click it

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July 29, 2008

Working on a raycaster

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First things first. I got a brand new dell latitude xt tablet. They talk about multitouch, but believe me, its not there yet. Atleast not in a sense of a real multi-touch. Maybe with the next update from dell…

In the meanwhile I have been working on a wolf look a like and learning about raycasting. Someday there will be a release where one can play multiplayer flash wolf on a touchscreen:)

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