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October 12, 2010


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CLI (Command Line Interface) = (Think textual, such as the command prompt or DOS)
GUI (Graphical User Interface) = (The Windows UI)
NUI (Natural User Interface) = (Think of physical interaction with a GUI)
OUI (Organic User Interface) = (Spend some time researching here)


This 4 player game has some serious potential.

The last time I decided to highlight multitouch technology was when I mentioned the finger tools concept by Matt. And there is a Touch Notation abstract over here.

Today I found a DSL project “TouchToolkit“.

name: DoubleTap

 Touch state: TouchUp
 Touch limit: 1
 Touch step: 2 touches within 1 sec
 Touch area: Rect 50x50 including last 1 touch within 1 sec

 Touch points

The question is do we really want to express touch gestures from a text file. What if we would want to record touch simulation and give it a name.

In the following image we have a file “Default.g” which is the container for recorded gestures.

With JSC the developer would be able to apply this recorded gesture on all platforms supported by jsc. More details on that soon enough.

GestureWorks' Supported Hardware Page

If you are looking for multitouch hardware see this list.

See also: Dell Latitude XT multitouch drivers.

How will we define the gestures for our multitouch devices in the near future?

Here are some icons to describe various states of the touch points:

Here are some interesting scenarious;

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August 9, 2010

Diablo Tetris

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diablo tetris

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January 14, 2010

First Person Tetris

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Who comes up with the multiplayer version the fastest? Profit??:D


[…] We experience such pressure in casual games like Tetris

[…] For example the particular actions within a scene might have climbing tension: will I be quick enough to placethis falling block into that slot?

Update: A story.

Update: The music.

December 30, 2009

Tetris meets Mario

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Mixing game concepts is just awesome!


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