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April 16, 2011

Shoot the evil chickens

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See also: Doom: Fall of mars

Team Coordination Game

August 5, 2010


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Here is a game idea:

A massive multiplayer isometric strategy game where your units are your uploaded images, videos, favorite web games or website links to a public feed. When it becomes down to battels the unit’s strength is based on a hot or not EPS metric. A player earns points by raiting other player units and when it conquers more  land with its own units.

Update: The player itself could be also rated by it’s webcam image in different categories so you could still choose your own scale in which you want to be rated. 🙂

  1. Cool
  2. Sexy
  3. Geeky
  4. Strong
  5. Smart

Is it already implemented?

IS Parade turns your twitter followers into a parade. Pretty cool.

Update: Your twitter followers are your main avatars minnions!

Integrated with jsc portal 🙂

June 19, 2010

Zombies On Isometric Landscape

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[…] Dude…me and my friends have been playing this game for days on end! if a game like this were Online Play or Multi-player…it would be one of the greatest games ever…its just so fun to play!!

Sounds like a game to be [re]made? 🙂 Hear that Chris?

Found via TIGSource.


The engine could be shared with this implementation:

April 6, 2010

Goodies and BENGINE voxel engine

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Bruce has been buzy 🙂 I like the voxel tech. Voxels are the future! Anyone porting Descent?


See also:

March 27, 2010


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CorsixTH March 2010

Like OpenTH, CorsixTH uses the original graphics. So you will need an original copy of the game installed, or alternatively a copy of the demo. As previously, don’t forget to open up config.txt before launching CorsixTH to ensure that the path to the original data is correct (if you take advantage of the new CorsixTH Windows installer, then this is handled for you).

PS. Video parameters “&w=800&h=500&fmt=18″

March 19, 2010

Mad tools make your development proccess faster

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  1. Build tools to empower creativity
  2. Limit creativity blockage via complex tools

Be sure to see this talk by Sean T CooperBoxhead (unreleased) Deconstruction.

July 17, 2009

Doom Platformer

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Jens Winterstein finally made a Doom platformer! Cool! 🙂

In another studio the isometric doom is coming along nice and steady.


[…] The If Software website may not be around much longer due to lack of funds. The forums will stay however, and updates will be focused to the ModDB page rather than the website. It sucks, but what can you do. – intmain


June 29, 2009

Avalon Tycoon Mansion

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Yet another WPF powered flash game is ready for you to play. The game is written in C#. Let me know if you’d also want to see the source.

AvalonTycoonMansion by dadeval.
Update: There is now a forum thread at MochiAds and some good feedback by Newgrounds.
Here are the Impressions the game has made. As you can see it had reached 30k players in its best days.
See also:
Transport Tycoon 3D Project
Transport Tycoon 3D Project Trucks
Airport simulator

March 23, 2009

Doom: Fall of Mars Beta 0.1.0a released

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Fall Of Mars

QUOTE (intmain() @ Mar 22 2009, 06:59 AM)

I am happy to finally announce the release of the first early beta for Fall of Mars.

See previous post.

Subscribe to blog RSS Feed at ModDb.

[…] in that beta version of Doom, they forgot to strip the executable, which means that the symbol tables were still there and it was easy to do some reverse engineering on the code. – Raphael


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March 4, 2009

Doom: Fall of Mars

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Doom: Fall of Mars is id’s setting, monsters and essential armoury dressed, with surprising finesse, in Diablo’s clicky clothes. It is cheerfully shameless about it, employing the sprites et al of Doom, and the oh-so-familiar fonts and inventory of Blizzard’s kill’n’collect pseudo-RPG. While this is only a proof of concept demo (comprising three levels, a few bosses and a ton of what I believe the younglings call Phat Lewt), it’s safe to say it realises the cartoonishly compulsive elements of both games remarkably well: this is a standalone modlet that we gladly award the official RPS A Right Old Giggle trophy to.

Coolness :), some even name it Doomablo!

I myself was thinking of making this for wolfenstein where you could switch between first person view and the isometric view…

When is it coming?

Update: See more comments at CrunchGear!

Update: See more comments at ModDB!

September 15, 2008

Pixelart isometric cities

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1. Gooncity (development thread)

2. Lenser Pixel ART

3. Shangai

4. Isocity

5. Pixeldam

6. PixelPlaza

7. Lovepixel

8. Goontower

9. Internetmap

More tutorials here.

See also:

January 13, 2008


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While surfing on youtube one can find some interesting stuff!

This time I’ve found an isometric flash based civilization game phpCIV. I hope it gets released soon 🙂

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