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July 7, 2010

Augmented Super Mario

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I can already see. A looping background HTML Video element with WebGL elements transformed and layered on top.

See this motion tracker demo in Firefox nightly build. What if the video source is a webcam input from over the stratus p2p network? Could there be a game which could detect the opponents face gestures? 🙂

See this tracking realtime demo.

Multiple object motion detection

Applying the tech above a multiplayer game could look like this:

In the picture above the following items are distinguishable:

  • Laptop
  • TV or a PC with a large screen
  • Mobile Device
    • Location and orientation awareness
  • Camera
    • Face Gesture Recognition
    • Motion Detection
    • Augmented Actor or Marker Detection
  • Microphone
    • Voice Recognition

In the end you will have multiple displays. A widescreen TV, your personal mobile device and the space visible to the camera.


Dynamic Content Injection


TV + Phone = Multiplayer

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[…] This has lead to the development of what I feel is a strong framework for creating public installations and experiences that will allow smart phone users (on multiple platforms) to connect in an adhoc fashion.

Thanks Andrei!

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